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Global fishing B.V. was started in and has been run solely in the Netherlands for over 5 years developing and building high specification bait boats for the serious carp angler. Our company ethic is to stay here in the Netherlands using only the best products sourced from around the world to provide our customers with the very best for their investment.

Our main product line is the ever popular ‘Navigator’ which over the years has become very popular, not just here in Holland but in the majority of the carp fishing countries in Europe with examples being used in Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and so the ever growing list goes on.
Primarily focusing on ‘The Navigator’ we strive to bring you, the angler, the best in modern bait boat technology whilst offering the best in after sales support and accessories to enable you to achieve that goal of catching the ‘fish of a lifetime’ not just once, but time and time again.
Development and production of our range has been aided by GLOBAL FISHING, a company also based here in the Netherlands who, whilst offering technical support also aid in our distribution all over Europe and the world market.
Whether it’s bait boats, separate components or even just fish and feature finders we can help, see our other pages for developments and examples of our world class boats and accessories.

Various partners have been consulted in the production of all our boats to ensure that we manufacture only the best, whilst striving to be at the forefront of the market we recognize the importance of being based in the Netherlands and ensure that we keep it that way, by ‘out sourcing’ all of our component manufacturing to other companies here in Holland and bringing it all together in house to reduce costs and ensure that the customer gets the best deal and real value for money.

GLOBAL FISHING has many years of sales experience in the ever growing market place attached to Carp fishing and values the thoughts and requirements of its customers. With that in mind we are proud that our products fill the niche in this high end market and see sales grow every year. To date over 600 examples of the NAVIGATOR have been sold all over Europe with targets set to be broken again this year, telling us that the product that we have is not just is second to none, but does exactly what you want from a piece of tackle that you need to rely on and one that’s at the very cutting edge of bait boat design and manufacture.

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Developed and produced in The Netherlands, ‘The Navigator’ is a bait boat far superior in terms of quality and durability that really has set the bar in today’s market place.
The tri-hull (three parallel body parts) is made of 4mm impact resistant ABS and is therefore suitable for use in the most extremes of circumstances.



Special Edition

For € 100, - extra you can get your boot with a unique painting. This will only be done by the best craftsmen.
All colors and combinations are possible from camouflage to metallic. We already did many boats with a unique painting.


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